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Lawn Care Services in Coeur d'Alene

We provide a complete range of landscaping and lawn care services in Coeur d’Alene. Services we provide include lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, irrigation services, sod installation, and much more! We provide efficient, friendly, and trustworthy landscaping services.

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Lawn Care Services

As a landscaping company, we take great pride in providing our clients with a landscape that is beautiful, healthy, and easy to care for. Everything from weeding, pruning, watering, fertilizing, and mowing can be taken care of by us at your home. With our services, your lawn will look beautiful and healthy. We can also maintain your lawns, gardens, and landscapes if that is what you need! We offer complete landscape services to keep your property looking its best throughout the year!
following sod installation, lawn maintenance is necessary to maintain a lovely lawn
grass cutting with an electric lawn mower

Lawn Mowing

Professional lawn care is the best approach to ensure that your grass is green and healthy. There is nothing better than a freshly mowed lawn and we know how to perform the job perfectly. We will avoid cutting the grass too frequently and prevent damage.

Regular mowing of the lawn will ensure that the grass is consistent in color and length. This enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property. Our experts will cut the grass just enough to keep it from becoming overgrown. When it comes to your grass, our experts know just what to do. There are a variety of services they can provide, depending on the needs on your unique needs.

Lawn Seeding

To have the yard of your dreams, you must seed your lawn. Our lawn seeding services will help you get the lush, beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted. Your yard’s environment and weather patterns aren’t the only factors we take into consideration when recommending a type of grass. We know the best types of grass for your location because we live and work in the area.

If you have high-maintenance grass that doesn’t suit your active lifestyle and continually develops bald patches, it will be more cost-effective to renovate your lawn with new seeds rather than fill the bald spots. Consult with our experts to determine which option makes the most sense.

get a greener yard by seeding of grass
lawn aeration by hand for better grass care

Lawn Aeration

Seasonal changes can be devastating to your lawn. Maintaining and caring for your lawn helps ensure that it remains lush and attractive throughout the year. Aeration is a step that many people neglect to implement in their regular lawn maintenance program.

Aerating your lawn will have a lasting effect on the turf’s quality. This method of puncturing holes into the grass and soil helps the roots to get the necessary nutrients. We advise you to incorporate aeration into your regular lawn maintenance routine, and we provide aeration services to make it easier for you.


The creation of topsoil is a very slow process, requiring an average of 100 years per inch of soil. It is the result of the weathering of rocks and the subsequent accumulation of decaying plants and animals. This helps to improve the soil and provides necessary nutrients for plant development. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium are the primary nutrients present in topsoil. Each one contributes significantly to the soil’s fertility.

Nitrogen is needed for growth and stimulates the development of healthy stems and leaves. Potassium and magnesium support photosynthesis and the growth of lush, green leaves in plants. Phosphorous is applied to create the cells and DNA of plants. The topsoil contains all of these nutrients in different quantities and qualities. They can be added to enrich the soil, boost fertility, and improve the structure of the soil.

Weed Control

Weeds are undesirable for any homeowner. Even a single weed can impact the look of a beautiful lawn, and more weeds appear quickly after. It is essential to look for weed control professionals who can assist with lawn maintenance.

As weeds spread throughout your lawn, they compete with grass for sunshine and nutrients required for its growth. Sadly, watering and mowing just accelerate their growth. However, you do not have to let weeds destroy your lawn. With our weed control services, you will be able to eliminate the most common and resistant weeds in your yard. Our lawn care experts will eliminate weeds from your property permanently.

Lawn Fertilization

Getting a lush lawn at home demands more than just watering it. No other service is likely to have a significant impact on the beauty and health of your grass than fertilizer, but it can be difficult to fertilize your lawn effectively on your own. Depending on the grass types, soil quality, and growth factors of your lawn, it will have certain fertilizing requirements. With our assistance, your lawn will receive all the necessary nutrients to survive and thrive.

We know what type of fertilizer lawns require, how much to apply, and when and how frequently to do it. Lawn fertilizer provides lawns with the nutrients they need to remain healthy throughout any season. Professional lawn fertilization services are an important component of any lawn care program.

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Reach out to us and we will help you get the yard of your dreams. Whether you need lawn seeding, mowing, maintenance, or any other lawn care services, we are here to help.

Sod Installation

From start to end, we take new sod installation very seriously. Throughout the entire process, we make sure that the end product meets our client’s expectations. While maintaining our high standards of quality, we strive to keep each project as simple as possible. If properly installed, the key benefits of sod are the elimination of numerous erosion, mud, and dust control issues, a lower risk of installation failure, and no weed problems. Even if you don’t have any plans to sell your house right now, you never know when the right time will come.

A sod lawn will increase the value of your home compared to other options. Natural grass is more appealing to potential purchasers than a concrete surface or even synthetic turf. Making improvements to your house while you live in it will bring benefits later on when you decide to sell it. To learn more about our costs and the services we provide, please contact us.
professional rolled sod grass installation services

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