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Lawn Care Company in Post Falls, ID

We are your go-to landscaping company in Post Falls. We have a team of professionals that are able to take care of all your lawn care needs. Lawn care, sod installation, tree service, and leaf and snow removal are just some of the services we offer. We are the company to call if you want your lawn to look great and be healthy over the entire year.

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About Our Company

We are the company to call if you want landscapers who know how to correctly take care of your lawn or install sod or the best sprinkler system. We’ve worked with and designed landscapes of different shapes and sizes for years, and our work is always of the highest quality.

Our team of experienced landscapers provides complete answers to any backyard challenges, whether it’s sod installation, fixing a single sprinkler, removing a large tree, or taking care of the snow in the winter.

Services We Provide

following sod installation, lawn maintenance is necessary to maintain a lovely lawn

Lawn Care

Your lawn needs to be properly maintained so that it can withstand attacks from weeds and insects. Proper lawn care will also ensure your plans are able to resist disease and that your grass can withstand harsh weather conditions.
the procedures for adding sod grass next to your garden's pathway

Sod Installation

Do you want to create a lush lawn quickly? Sod is the answer. Sod can be installed in just a few hours for an average-sized lawn and will be ready for use in around three weeks. Get in touch and we will help you create the lawn of your dreams.
watering lawn care with sprinkler

Sprinkler Systems

Our team will help you pick the best sprinkler system for your needs. When we discover what you need, we will begin the installation process. If something bad happens in the future, we have the knowledge to repair your sprinklers.
a man driving the tractor removing the snow

Snow Removal

Take a break from shoveling snow and salting the streets. This winter, you can relax and let our team of professionals take care of the hard work.
cleaning fallen leaves using a rake

Leaf Removal

Removing fallen leaves from your lawn will make sure your grass can breathe and absorb the necessary sunlight and air it needs for healthy growth.
clean residential surroundings with small trees

Tree Services

Our team has years of experience maintaining trees. Whether they need to be trimmed, pruned, or removed entirely, you can rely on us to get the job done!

The Work We Usually Do

Take a look at the photos below to get a better idea of what type of services we provide.

Lawn Care Services

To put it simply, the appearance and condition of your lawn are two major factors in determining your home’s worth. You need to hire experts to keep your lawn looking green, lush, healthy, and weed-free. That’s why our qualified professionals offer year-round lawn service to keep your yard looking great.

Our lawn care services will help you achieve your goals, whether they are to have the most attractive lawn in the area or to provide a secure space for your children and dogs to play. Our crew is well-known for always prioritizing the needs of our customers and treating their lawn as if it were our own.
ornamental garden and a pathway
installing sod grass to create a tidy and beautiful lawn

Sod Installation

There are situations when reseeding a damaged lawn isn’t enough to restore a lush cover of grass. Healthy new sod will increase your property’s resistance to weeds and insects, reduce runoff, and make a huge aesthetic difference. In a matter of a week or two, the lawn will look and feel like new.

Our sod installation services will restore your lawn if weeds, insects, drought, or anything else has left their mark. Instead of dealing with the trouble yourself, let our professionals take care of your sod installation.

Get Your Healthy, Green Lawn Today

Reach out to us today and our team of experts will take care of all your lawn care and sod installation needs. Beautiful lawn is one call away!

Sprinkler System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Do you miss your lawn’s beautiful, green color? Do you find your water bills to be unreasonably expensive? Installing a sprinkler system is one of the best methods to make sure your grass and garden always look their best.

Our experts will visit your home to assess your requirements. Because no two lawn sprinkler systems are identical, we ensure that you have the ideal system for your property to get the most out of it. We are available to assist you whenever you experience issues with your sprinkler system. Every type of sprinkler system service can be taken care of by us.
working water sprinklers
a working water sprinkler
cleaning fallen leaves using a rake

Leaf Removal Services

Are you sick of spending your Saturdays cleaning leaves? If you’ll let us handle leaf removal, you can relax and enjoy the rest of autumn in peace. Also, you can use the time to do things like watching your favorite shows or preparing for the upcoming holidays. Whatever you do, it will be better than cleaning leaves.

Fallen leaves on your lawn can lead to the formation of fungus, raise the risk of floods, and attract bugs that damage your grass if they are not cleared away. A layer of insulation is created on top of your grass when leaves are left to pile up. This traps heat and moisture. Mold thrives on this combination of things. Grass can become patchy because of mold growth. Call us today!

Tree Services

In the absence of proper care, trees are vulnerable to the elements. By locating and fixing weak spots, we can help you protect your trees and prevent potential issues. In the event that your trees sustain damage, we will provide service to remove the tree, and trim away any dangerously hanging branches.

The value of your property, the health of your trees, and the aesthetic appeal of your yard will all be improved by hiring a team of tree experts.
clearing the snow thoroughly will improve community roads

Snow Removal in Post Falls

Ice and snow can cause significant damage to a home if not cleared away regularly during the winter. We provide snow removal services to keep your home and property looking nice and safe throughout the winter.

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Post Falls, Idaho

Post Falls is a city whose history has been shaped by the Spokane River and is surrounded by the southernmost peaks of the Selkirk Mountains. At 36,250 residents, the 2019 census ranked the city as the tenth largest in Idaho, up from 17,247 in the 2000 census and 27,574 in the 2010 census.

Our goal is to help the people of Post Falls take care of their lawns and keep them green and healthy throughout the entire year. We do this by providing a wide range of services such as lawn care, leaf removal, tree care services, sod installation, and snow removal. Get in touch and let us help you take care of your lawn.

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